The Future of an Inclusive Peterborough: Our Announcement from 27th June 2017

The Future of an Inclusive Peterborough

An Announcement from

Inclusive Peterborough LGBTQI+ & Friends Social Group

27th June 2017

We hereby give notice of a proposal for name change and closer working with

the group “Aces, Aros and Enbies of Peterborough”.

Dear members,

For a while there has been ongoing discussion about our name/tagline and how to move the group forward and make the name more manageable and user friendly.

The organisers have discussed the name at length (Samantha, Vicky and me) and have come to the conclusion that the group name should become simply “Inclusive Peterborough” whilst retaining a tag line/descriptor of “An LGBTQIA+ social group”.

As you will notice this adds the ‘A’ to LGBTQI+.  Something we are very happy to announce we hope to do.  The ‘A’ represents many people who identify as asexual and/or aromantic (‘Aces and Aros’).  By adding the ‘A’ we are further demonstrating that we are fully inclusive and recognise aces and aros as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.  This is something we were keen to do for a while but just did not feel we had the relevant experience within our groups organisers to really approach it authentically.

This said, myself the main organiser and Vicky Brett have held meetings with the group organiser of “Aces, Aros and Enbies of Peterborough”  (AAEP for the purpose of this document) Steve Crietzman to discuss closer working and how the two groups can support each other.

We believe that generally the groups have the same general aims

  • To offer peer support to people who are LGBTQIA+
  • To offer support to the families of those who are LGBTQIA+
  • To help strengthen and build friendship networks
  • To build community ties with other groups who may have protected characteristics
  • To increase understanding in the environment amongst our non LGBTQIA+ allies, friends and the general community

We feel the benefits of this are a wider total network, bringing people together and enabling us to more effectively work towards our shared aims, support more individuals and have provide a stronger example of the need for diversity for Peterborough.

Although our group is a non campaigning group, we also could act together to provide a voice where we feel services/service provision in the local area is not sufficient and seek contact with NGO’s/local council to ensure they are aware of where we find the LGBTQIA+ community need more support.

We discussed how to bring the groups closer and discussed rather than the group “Aros, Aces and Enbies of Peterborough”  (AAEP) becoming part of the Inclusive Peterborough group we would benefit more from working in partnership.

What will working in partnership mean?

  • Two groups working side by side with shared aims to support the wider LGBTQIA+ community
  • The groups will maintain overall control over their own media outlets – including Facebook groups/walls, websites (including the Inclusive Peterborough meetup page being still administered by Inclusive Peterborough organisers).
  • We will advertise each other on our sites/social media pages and add linking information about our events; i.e. the group page for our group will feature the other groups events.
  • Inclusive Peterborough has focused mostly on supporting the more mainstream LGBTQIA+ identities  whereas AAEP has mainly focused on supporting less-familiar, less-mainstream LGBTQIA+ identities.  By working together, AAEP will be able to help us provide additional support for members who may have a non-binary gender identity (‘Enbies’), or who may be questioning their gender identity, as well as people who are ace/aro – whilst also enabling AAEP members to access and be part of a wider LGBTQIA+ community, which we know is important to them. 
  • AAEP promotes itself mostly through targeted ads on Facebook.  Working alongside AAEP, we will be explore opportunities to expand our advertising reach and may agree to feature each other’s group on an advert after prior agreement is sought.   Inclusive Peterborough will continue to reach new people through the people it reaches via the site, and can if requested refer any new asexual/aromantic/non-binary members we acquire this way to AAEP.  By working together in partnership, both groups will be able to attract new members through both of these channels, rather than just the one as now.
  • The site for Inclusive Peterborough will feature AAEP events.
  • Steve will remain organiser of the AAEP and Inclusive Peterborough will remain organised by your organisers Vicky, Sam and myself.  This said we may co-operate and work on some joint events.
  • There will for the purpose of clarity remain events that are only open to certain individuals; i.e. most events on IP’s page are open to all however, the Trans subgroup events are only open to those who either identify as Trans, have a Trans history or are family members of the aforementioned.  AAEP events unless explicitly stated are open to all, however, some events may be for those who identify as asexual, aromantic or non-binary/genderqueer.


You can find out more information about the “Aces, Aro’s and Enbies of Peterborough” group here:

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing your views.
James Whitmore

Lead Organiser for Inclusive Peterborough LGBTQI+ & Friends social group

And Co-Organisers Vicky, Samantha and Jules

Under construction

I have started tonight to build our website in order to allow us to advertise.  This is because with our closed Facebook and Meetup pages we’re not able to easily be viewed from outside.

Having this page will allow us to link together with other organisations and offer a main information page for those who may not have heard of us yet.

Welcome to the new page, it is still under construction and therefore subject to change!

James Whitmore, Organiser Lead